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With Halloween Creeping Up It's Time To Start Costume Shopping

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The United Way of Broome County and Vestal Rotary Club teamed up together for their second straight year of Halloween costume giveaways.

Halloween Costumes can run anywhere from $5 all the way upwards of nearly $100, for something that normally gets worn once or twice a year for a few hours.

These organizations both buy new costumes and clean up donated costumes, giving back over 100 costumes to children in Broome County.

On Saturday the giveaway was held at the United Way in Vestal where families were able to grab free costumes ranging from oversized bananas to Darth Vader.

On your way out of the building, they also had free pumpkins... both small and large that the kids could either bring home or carve right there on the spot.

Binghamton's Rowdy the Rumble pony was in attendance rocking his best Ghostbusters look while dancing and taking photos with the kids.