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The Infamous Stringdusters Musician, 5 Others Honored at BHS

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From a Grammy Award-Winning musician to a former New York Supreme Court Justice -- Binghamton High School celebrated a few of its distinguished graduates Thursday night.

Andy Hall, from The Infamous Stringdusters, was one of the many honored.

Hall said when he was a student he never thought he'd come back to BHS as an honoree.

 "The arts program here was helpful to me, but I wasn't the best student," Hall said. "I had my struggles, so no. I didn't imagine I'd be back, but it's really cool to be back. Like I said, the best thing for me is to try and meet with students."

Hall did meet with students Wednesday. He said if he can be inspiration to them, then he'll do what he can to help.

Below is a complete list of the Binghamton City School District's Annual Distinguished Graduates:

Sandy Ferrante - BNHS 1960

Binghamton City School District Advocate Binghamton Alumni Association

Ralph M. Garruto, PhD - BNHS 1962
Honorary SUNY Distinguished Professor
Graduate Program in Biomedical Anthropology, Binghamton University

Andy Hall - BHS 1993
Grammy Award Winning Musician
Member of the acclaimed band - The Infamous Stringdusters

Frank Lovoulo - BNHS 1942
Educator, Coach - WWII Veteran

Walter J. Relihan Jr. (posthumously) - BCHS 1948
Justice, New York State Supreme Court

Cornell Law School (J.D. 1959)
Sheldon Jay Walker Jr., MBA - BHS 1985
Senior Wealth Manager, ESL Wealth Management Services, LLC