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Fox 40's Game of the Week: Vestal

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Binghamton, N.Y. - Fox 40's game of the week will travel to Vestal High School where the Golden Bears (2-1)  will look to defeat the Maine-Endwell (3-0) Spartans for the first time since 1994. The two teams have only met seven times and have not seen each other on the grid iron since 2015, however, they still consider this a rivalry game.

"Vestal, M-E, U-E, It's always a rivalry game. U-E is a big rival, but M-E is up there too'" said senior running back Matt Trasher.

"I want to beat them more than anything. We just have to go out there and do what we got to do."

"They have the idea they're going to win. We haven't dealt with that much this season. But, we're coming in the same way thinking we're gonna win as well" said defensive tackle Brandon Taylor.

The two teams will meet on Friday night under the lights with weapons on both sides of the ball. Vestal's defense has only allowed 30 points throughout three games, while Maine-Endwell has put up 159 points on the board in their first three games of the season.

"Our defense has been tough. We gave up two touchdowns in our first game. But, since then, we've only given up two touchdowns. Defense, rallying around the ball, playing team defense is what we need this week" said first year Vestal football coach, Tony Policare III.

"Our defense is going to be huge. Every one needs to play their role, stay their role. Don't do more than you can and don't do less."

Vestal's defense will certainly give them an edge tomorrow night, but, that's not the only thing that will.

"Playing in front of our home crowd. Home field. The den is rowdy. I don't think they've played in front of a student section like the [den] said Thrasher.

"Playing on the home field is a different atmosphere."

Although Maine-Endwell won't be playing in front of their home crowd, Vestal isn't too far up the road and this Vestal team knows not to take the Spartans lightly. 

"Maine-Endwell is a confident program. They know what they're doing and they're committed" said Tony.

"They're gonna play Spartan football."

"I believe if we show our best we can get it done" said Taylor.

"Vestal's best football is when we all work together . Same heart. bring it together."

Vestal and Maine-Endwell kick off Friday 7 p.m.