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"Our boys know what Chenango Forks is about" Steve Virkler

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Binghamton, N.Y. - Fox 40's game of the week highlights a Class B match up between Chenango Forks and Owego Free Academy. The Indians have not been able to find a win against the Blue Devils since 1994. Since 1957, the teams have met 10 times and Chenango Forks have posted a 8-2-0 record against the Indians. Throughout the last two years, Owego has only been able to collect 7 points against Forks, compared to the Blue Devils 74 points. 

"This is as big as we've had. Not to take anything away from anybody else, but they're the program that most teams in the State look to achieve the success they have had" said Owego's Head Coach Steve Virkler. 

"It's a huge obstacle for us and we're looking forward to it."

However, for the Indians, the 2018 season brings a more athletic and diverse team than they've had in past years.

"It's probably athletically as deep as a team that I've coached, since I've been coaching [17 years]" said Virkler.

The Owego Indians enter tonight's game 2-0 after blowing out Syracuse Fowler and defeating Windsor 21-6. 

"Our strengths this year are a little different than the past. We have some athletic weapons on the outside so we are really trying to use those guys to the best of their abilities. Let them make some plays and get some freedom" said Offensive Coordinator, Andy Race.

Even with Owego's experience in the 16 seniors they have this year, the Indians are still aware of the strengths and threats a team like Chenango Forks brings. 

"They do a fantastic job. Good people and they do it the right way and it shows on the field every year when they step up and play. Like I said, huge challenge for us and we're looking forward to it" said Steve Virkler.

What's the biggest threat Forks brings this year?

"Speed. They play very, very fast" said Race.

"Watching some of their game film, when the ball snaps, it's a hurricane of guys their going 100 MPH. So, that's where we are going to have to step up and play and exceed their level if we want to win."

"Their teenagers, social media and everything else they hear different things. Bottom line they know what Forks is about and they know what their going to bring. We've had a good practice, so hopefully, we can step up and match their intensity" Virkler said.

Owego and Chenango Forks kick off Friday at 7 p.m.