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Updated: Murray Street Residents Say They Heard Gunshots, Saw Man With A Shotgun

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Binghamton Police swarmed Murray Street by Main Street just after 11am on Thursday after residents tell Fox 40 news they heard multiple gun shots and saw a man with a shotgun chasing a car down the street.

Binghamton Police confirm shots were fired in the area of 101 Murray Street with all involved fleeing by car and by foot. To this point, there are no injuries reported. Police say they are still looking for the suspects and no arrests have been made. 

Police went door-to-door gathering witness statements, while a K-9 unit searched the street and backyards of residences. Sitting on their front porch after talking to detectives, Binghamton University students Doug Lee and Brandi Alardo say they've gotten used to the police in their neighborhood.

"This stuff happens, it really does happen all the time," says Lee, "We witnessed a murder a month ago like first hand. You sort of get shaken up by that sort of thing. I sort of had a feeling that on this block at some point there was gonna be something that happened and well, now it did."

Alardo and Lee say they were home at the time of the incident, but didn't hear anything. They say they came outside when they saw police cars converging on the area and an officer told them there were reports of shots fired.

"It's kind of scary," says Alardo, "To move here and see all this stuff happening is pretty wild."

Alardo is from Long Island and Lee is from Bainbridge. Both say this section of town is rough, but it's where they could find affordable housing.

The incident led to a precautionary lock-out at nearby Binghamton High School that lasted about 45 minutes. The polling location at Seton Catholic High School was also affected, the Board of Elections saying the building was locked down for about 15 minutes before re-opening and polling continuing as normal.

The investigation is ongoing; anyone with information is urged to contact the Binghamton Police Detective Division at 607-772-7080.

Stay with Fox 40 for updates on this developing story.