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New York Primary Election: What You Need To Know

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Republicans and Democrats across the New York State will choose their candidates in a number of state and local primaries Thursday.

The biggest is the race for governor, where Governor Andrew Cuomo is being challenged by Cynthia Nixon. 

In Broome County, the following primaries will be taking place: 

Democratic Party Primaries: 

  • ?Countywide - Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General
  • Town of Maine - 124th Member of Assembly
  • Town of Binghamton - Councilman
  • Town of Union - Supervisor

Republican Party Primaries:

  • 122nd Assembly District - Assembly Member 
  • (Towns of Barker, Binghamton, Chenango, Colesville, Conklin, Dickinson, Fenton, Kirkwood, Lisle Maine, Nanticoke, Sanford, Triangle, Windsor, Union) 
  • Town of Binghamton - Supervisor
  • Town of Chenango - Supervisor, Councilman
  • Town of Fenton - Supervisor, Councilman
  • Town of Nanticoke - Supervisor
  • Town of Union - Supervisor

Independence Party Primaries:

  • Town of Union - Councilman
  • County Legislative District 8* - Legislator, Opportunity to Ballot  
  • County Legislative District 11^ - Legislator, Opportunity to Ballot
  • Village of Johnson City - Trustee, Opportunity to Ballot

                        *(ED's - Town of Union 27-36, 38)
                        ^(ED's - City of Binghamton 13, 14, 20 & Town of Union 13, 15-18, 39)

Green Party Primaries:

  • Village of Johnson City - Trustee, Opportunity to Ballot

Reform Party Primaries:  (Open Primary for Reform Party & Unaffiliated Voters)

  • Countywide - Attorney General
  • County Legislative District 2* - Legislator, Opportunity to Ballot  
  • City Council District 2^ - Legislator, Opportunity to Ballot

                        *(ED's - Towns of Kirkwood 2-4, Sanford 1-3, Windsor 1-5)
                        ^(ED's - City of Binghamton 13-17, 20)

All Broome County poll site locations will be open on Primary Day from Noon-9 p.m.

Click here to find the polling site for your address.