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The Village Of Johnson City Receives $125,000 Grant For Restoration

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Work is underway at the C. Fred Johnson Park in Johnson City.

The nearly century-old pagoda is getting a second chance at life as Assemblywomen Donna Lupardo secured a grant for $125,000 to restore the historical landmark.

Mayor Greg Deemie of the Village of Johnson City said, "it's the heritage and our history that's unique to us... I don't think you'll see one anywhere else and it was important that we secured funding to preserve this"

The Japanese style architecture has historical artifacts from the time period built into its walls such as bowling pins, fire extinguishers, chains, cements, and even at one point in time a revolver.

The restoration project will include a new roof, windows with protective metal bars, a new door, a patio with seating, and lights on the outside. Inside of the pagoda repairs will include plasterwork, instillation of additional lighting and display cases will be mounted on the walls to showcase E-J and Village artifacts.

"We've lost a lot here, the factories are all gone the machines are all gone and we have nothing to really show for what created this community... all along here Endicott, Johnson City, Binghamton its all disappeared so anytime we can save a piece of it it's important" said, Deemie.