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VOICES Recovery Center Hosts Free Community Day for National Recovery Month

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Our coverage of National Recovery Month continues with the VOICES Recovery Center’s Community Day.

The Community Day is hosted at the VOICES Recovery Center on Prospect Street in Binghamton on Saturday, thanks to a partnership between VOICES and the Care Compass Network.

Dozens of people came out to the festival and to take part in the free food, raffles, live music, dessert, and even an animal meet-n-greet thanks to Animal Adventure Park.

Festival organizers said that while they are committed to having fun, they have a bigger goal.

Gary Hartford, Director of VOICES Recovery Center, said “That’s really our goal is to bring awareness to recovery and the many different options and paths for it. There needs to be all kinds of different options for people. We’re a non-clinical setting so what we’re able to do is assist people in recovery, in any way that they seek it.”

For more information about VOICES Recovery Center and other upcoming events, visit VOICES facebook page by clicking here.