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Michael Roque Admits Guilt In Stabbing Death of Binghamton University Student

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Former Binghamton University student Michael Roque, 20, charged with second-degree murder has entered a guilty plea in Broome County Court Friday.

The Broome County District Attorney's Office offered a reduced sentence of 20 years to life in prison.

This means the 20-year old will not go to trial for the April 2018 on-campus stabbing death of freshman Joao Souza.

"It's an outcome that we discussed the family was aware of and thought was appropriate," said Steve Cornwell, Jr., Broome County District Attorney. "I don't want to get into facts but it was a horrific case."

Roque was scheduled Thursday to accept the deal before Judge Kevin Dooley, which would have reduce the minimum sentence by 5 years. He rejected that offer. 

"The defendant indicated that yesterday he was overwhelmed and had some trouble going forward in pleading guilty but today he plead guilty. He fully admitted his guilt to the murder of Joao Souza," said Cornwell

He will be sentenced November 16th at 9am.

"We intend to release the motive in the time of sentencing. We'll present that information to the judge because it's relevant to what sentence the defendant should receive and explains what our position is with regards to the sentence," said Cornwell. 

"Justice can never be served in these cases, that's one thing I can assure you. So we do the best that we can to protect the victims and protect the rights of the accused," said Cornwell.