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Fox 40 Goes to Camp: Windsor Black Knights

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Losing only 8 seniors from graduation, the 2018 Windsor Black Knights football program loOKs to be one of the most senior heavy teams in Section IV with 18 on the roster.

Last year, the second half and 4th quarter blemishes were troubling for the Black Knights as they seemed to continuously run out of gas late in the game, costing them to end the season with a record of 2-7.

Still led by head coach Tim Hogan, the Windsor Black Knights look to make this football season a run for a NY State title by focusing on conditioning and stamina training, something that's been lacking in the past.

"We've been doing a lot of things during practice to get us ready," said Tim Hogan. One of the ways Tim said he's helping to make the team stronger for all 4 quarters is reducing the game clock during practice. Allowing less time for the players to get set and snapping the ball, so they're ready to get to the line faster than most teams.

"This year what we're doing is a :25 second clock, and we're going to run plays faster and faster...condition ourselves," said Devin Truman, Black Knights Defensive End/Tight End.

But in order to be ready for the start of the season, Friday, August 31, against Norwich, Hogan said his team needs to remain shortsighted.

"We don't talk about Chenango Forks, Maine-Endwell, Johnson City, anybody, we just talk about Norwich...we're going to take it one week at a time," said Hogan.

And with 18 seniors having been in the huddle over the years, most playing both offense and defense, Windsor's 2018 year in Class B should be a good one, according to some players. But just getting the first win in the first game...that's the start they're looking for.

"If we start the season with a victory, I think we'll be alright the rest of the season," said Kieran Horton, Black Knights Wide Receiver/Corner Back. Horton added, even if his team were to come out and lose, things would be ok...as long as they tried their hardest.

"We can accept losses if we're going to learn from them, but if we're not working hard all game long you can't expect anything else in the victory," said Horton.

Windsor Central High School is also home to a new turf system, a fitting tribute to the newest Black Knights football squad.