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Fox 40 Goes to Camp: Johnson City Wildcats

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Things weren't all sunshine and rainbows in Johnson City Wildcats' land for the 2017 football season. Although things looked bright for the first three games, going 2-1, the JC Wildcats soon found themselves win-less against a Class A/AA opponent and finished the year 3-5.

But with a new year comes another chance to turn things around. And the Wildcats also find new ground in a new division to possibly grab a new outcome, in Class B.

"Last year was Class A, and we had our hands full. And we're going to have our hands full, just as full this year, with Class B," said Dave Robinson, Wildcats Head Coach.

With powerhouses like Chenango Forks, Maine-Endwell, and Norwich rounding out the top three of the eight teams in Class B, the Wildcats are looking back on the misfortunes of 2017, and working to bridge the gap in order to make it back to the NY State Playoffs. And for one player, it all starts with the front linemen on offense.

"I'd say blocking up front. Our Quarterback kept getting hit, so he couldn't get the ball off and stuff like that," said Keith Harris, Wildcats Wide Receiver.

And although it may take a lot of hard work for the JC football club to turn things around, the team is fairly optimistic. The message of hope and  
presistence continues to bring the Johnson City Wildcats to the line, ready to go, one more down.

"This is the last time I'm going to probably be doing this, so I'll come to practice everyday ready to work hard, because it could be the last time," said Jake Harding, Wildcats Quarterback.

Johnson City begins their 2018 football season at Chenango Valley, Friday, August 31. Kickoff is scheduled for 7:00 p.m.