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Broome County Land Bank To Demolish Three Vacant Buildings

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JOHNSON CITY, N.Y-  Demolition began early Monday morning on Hudson Street to take down a local eyesore.

179 Hudson St. has been vacant since a fire that damaged the home in 2015. 

Since then the home has been stripped of all materials such as copper pipes and was vandalized by random looters and graffitied. The home has also been filled with old motor vehicle tires.

Margaret Scarinzi, Executive Director of the Broome County Land Bank Corporation says "These properties have sat too long and have become nuisances". She also believes by removing these properties, they are eliminating hazards and strengthening neighborhoods.

The two other properties that will be getting demolished over the next few weeks will be 13 Birch Street and 15 Oakdale Road. Both have been vacant since the 2011 flood that badly damaged them. 

The total cost of the demolitions will be $32,550 and is funded through the Land Bank Community Revitalization Initiative, a program funded by the New York State Attorney General's Office

Scarinzi was joined Monday by Broome County Executive Jason Garner, Broome County Legislator Ron Heebner, Town of Union Supervisor Rose Sotak and Johnson City Mayor Greg Deemie as they watched the first of three eyesores go down.