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Friday night lights at Chenango Valley

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Chenango Valley N.Y. - High school football is almost among us and I think we can all agree that Friday night football games is the best part of the season.

Almost every high school football in Broome County has experienced playing under the lights on their home field. Every one expect Chenango Valley High School, but this year is the year that all of that changes.

Two lights have been installed on the Chenango Valley high schools turf field and in the next couple of days, or so, two more will be up and running. The target date for the lights to be completed is Friday, August 17 and will be definitely be done by the regular season.

"Wherever we go when we play on the road on Friday nights, there is always a bigger crowd and a little bit more of a buzz in the air" said football head coach Jay Hope.

"The kids have felt that before, but I think it's going to be even more obviously because we're going to be at home now and kind of an historic event for Chenango Valley because we haven't played night games so this is going to be great."

Chenango Valleys first game of the season will be home Friday night, on August 31 against Johnson City high school.