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Broome Lawmakers Advance Natural Gas Line Funding, Hold Animal Adventure Proposal

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Members of Broome County's finance committee Thursday voted to approve $40,000 in funding for the Town of Maine to expand its natural gas line into the Hamlet of Maine. 

The money would come from the Small Community Grant Fund and allow NYSEG to expand the line between Shadowbrook Road and Maine Memorial Elementary School on Route 26. The extension would be close to 12,000 feet long.

The unanimous approval means the resolution will now go before the full legislature when they meet August 16. 

Another resolution

Even after Animal Adventure Park withdrew its application for funding from the county, committee members still took action on the resolution Thursday.

The resolution would provide $30,000 of funding from the Small Community Grant Fund to assist with expanding the park. The money would go towards the Discovery Station and Community Event Center Expansion.

The Small Community Grand Fund is designed to help rural communities in Broome County with grant money to spur the economy, business development and create jobs. Supporters of the resolution argue that by helping Animal Adventure Park expand, there will be more tourists which will boost business and generate more income for Colesville and the county. 

Opponents argue that the park isn't eligible to receive money from the fund because it is a for-profit business. 

"There are businesses that would like to expand but this sets a precedent that any private business can go through the government and have them apply to get the Community Fund," said Stephen J. Flagg, Broome County Legislature Finance Committee Chairman.

Legislators voted 5 - 0 to table the matter to a date uncertain.