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$4.2 Million Project Moves Nichols Highway Garage Out of Floodplain

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The Town of Nichols Highway Garage, twice flooded in 2011, will be moving to a new location, outside of the floodplain.

State and local officials Thursday announced a $4.2 million project to build a new facility. In 2011, the garage that houses public works equipment and supplies critical during a storm flooded during Tropical Storm Lee and Hurricane Irene.

The new building, funded with $3 million in money from the Governor's Office of Storm Recovery money and $1.2 million from the Town of Nichols, will be flood resilient, have five truck bays, a truck lift, two bathrooms, the DPW Superintendent’s office, a break room, one work bay/wash station, salt and sand storage, and space for a chipper, grader, loader, trailer, mower, rock rake, tire supplies, and fuel.

Construction will begin in the second week of August and is expected to take a year to complete.