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Chase Elliot wins his first Cup victory at Watkins Glen

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Watkins Glen, N.Y. - Like father like son. It was in 1998 when Bill Elliot won his first NASCAR Cup race and it was in 2018 when his son, Chase Elliot, won his. Twenty-two year old Chase Elliot snapped Henrick Motorsports year-long winless streak earlier today after winning his very first Cup race on Sunday at Watkins Glen International.

Elliot held off defending back to back Champion, Martin Treux Jr. before bringing home his first ever checkered flag. After eight career runner-up finishes, the twenty-two year old finally clinched a NASCAR Cup Victory. Chase celebrated his victory in classic fashion after running out of fuel before the victory celebration began, No. 48 Chevy seven-time Cup champion Jimmie Johnson pushed Elliot to victory lane. Instead of watching Chase in the stands, Bill Elliot worked as his son's spotter and as soon as the race ended, he ran to his son's side.

"I try not to get any emotion at all there the last 20 laps or so, just trying to watch cars and see what people were doing" said Bill.

"My role was very little," Bill said. "My goal was to, if anything happened in the bus stop or if I could give them information if somebody was having problems in the bus stop, tell the team on the radio and go from there. But Chase did good in the bus stop the whole time here."

"You talk about numbers, this was his 99th start, you know, number 9 car wins, 99th start, I won my first Cup race at Riverside, the only Xfinity race I ever won was right here on the road course, and then he wins his first road course here, you don't think about these things until after the race" Bill said.

"I'm proud of him and I'm proud of his team."

Elliot's victory came in his 99th Cup start and clinches him a spot in the playoffs.

"You know, I feel a lot of relief, a lot of emotion in general, I would say definitely relief would be one way to describe it" Chase said.

Treux was right behind Elliot for most of the final stage and started to die out as they both tried saving enough gas to reach the end of the race.

"I left this place pretty down in the last couple of years at times, I've had some good opportunities, but to go out there and run in the top 2 and 3 all day long and race the guy who has won the past two road races straight up for a victory at the end, is very satisfying."

The Monster Energy Series will continue next Sunday at Michigan International Speedway.