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LG&T Tennis Challenger Celebrates 25th Anniversary

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Binghamton, N.Y. - Today the Levene Gouldin & Thompson Men's Tennis Challenger celebrates their 25th anniversary here in Binghamton. The anniversary makes the LG&T one of the oldest consecutive USTA events and it's remarkable that Binghamton is apart of it.

The USTA Pro Circuit was founded in 1881 and since then, has allowed itself to become the pathway to the US Open Tennis Championship, supplying professional level competition for aspiring tennis players. 

Binghamton has been able to continuously draw hundreds of professional tennis players every year for half-century.

"I think you come to a tournament because you want to feel like home for a week for these guys who are traveling thirty weeks a year, to know that you can come to a place where they take really good care of you" said USTA Pro Circuit Director, Megan Rose.

"The volunteers, the staff, a lot of that really contributes to people wanting to be here, so, I'm so proud of this tournament and I can't wait to come back for another 25 years" said Rose.