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B Devils Search For New Head Coach

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Binghamton, N.Y. - The Binghamton Devils sent out a press release Tuesday morning regarding their search for a new coach. B Devils general manager Tom Fitzgerald stated, "The search for the next head coach of the Binghamton Devils is underway. Currently, there is no timetable to complete this process. There is a plan in place for the search, and we will take our time to make sure the best decision is made for the future of our prospects and the entire organization. We will continue to work to interviews as many qualified candidates as possible and I am confident that we will achieve our goal to find the right coach."

On Monday morning, Rick Kowalsky was promoted as the New Jersey Devils assistant coach. Kowalsky spent eight seasons with the Devils' AHL affiliate, winning coach of the year in 2015-16. However, last season the Binghamton Devils won only 25 games putting them in fifth place in the North Division.