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BU's Ludovico Cestarollo Is Looking Forward To Playing In LG&T

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Binghamton University's Men's tennis captain, Ludovico Cestarollo will be participating in the Levene Gouldin & Thompson Challenger for the first time in his career.

" I will not have any fear entering the court" stated Cestarollo.

"I'm mentally ready so I feel like I can do good things"

"I think a big part of it for him is having the mindset that I'm supposed to win today, he's just as good as those guys, it's a little match experience and staying calm under pressure" stated head coach Nick Lazuli.

The LG&T begins on Saturday July 21st and ends Sunday July 29th at Recreation Park.

Saturday-Sunday: free
Monday-Thursday: $3 per day
Friday-Sunday: $6 per day
Tournament pass $25 where you get the whole tournament.