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First Boodenfooz Festival Features Musicians, Artist, and Technology

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Boodenfooz, a new local music, art, and technology festival took place in Owego on Saturday.

The event, put on by a new regional festival production company called No Tuxedo, LLC., spotlights local indie musicians, artists, as well as the rich history of technology that the Southern Tier has to offer.

Russell Swanger, owner of No Tuxedo, LLC., thought the inclusion of technology would set Boodenfooz apart from other festivals in the area and would attract young, tech-savvy festival-goers.

“We’re building pillar events for our community, providing opportunity for local entrepreneurs and also artist to be able to share their passions with people and we’re trying to make them regional events to try and get people from outside of our area here so that they can bring their money here. They can also find out how cool it is to live here.” said Swanger.

A major feature of the festival was the ‘Dome of Drones’, a tent where attendees could fly a drone and even win prizes.

The UE Tigertronic Team was present as well, with a robot they built for a worldwide competition.

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