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Foreclosed Homes Across Broome County to be Auctioned Off

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Nearly 80 foreclosed properties across Broome County are set to be auctioned off next week.

The Broome County Real Property Tax Foreclosure Auction is set for Saturday, July 21st, at 10 a.m. at the Holiday Inn.

Before the bidding starts, potential buyers will have the chance to check out the inside of 45 of those properties during open houses this weekend.

“We suggest you look at them, do your research, look at the roof, look at the walls, look at maybe there was a leak somewhere.” - Matthew Manasse, Lead Auctioneer

The properties are located in over 20 municipalities across the county, including the City of Binghamton, Town of Barker, Town of Binghamton, Town of Chenango, Town of Colesville, Town of Conklin, Town of Dickinson, Town of Fenton, Town of Kirkwood, Town of Lisle, Town of Maine, Town of Sanford, Town of Triangle, Town of Union, Town of Vestal, Town of Windsor, and the Village of Port Dickinson.

The auction has been going on for decades, but Dave Hamlin of Real Property Tax Services says it has evolved over the years.

“You’re not getting so much the individuals that are buying the slums. The properties are better, the people come in, they’re looking to help their retirement, or they’re looking for their first home.” 

For more information on the auction and the open houses, click here.