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Hometown Heroes: Two Broome Highway Workers Save Woman On I-81

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This week's Serafini Nissan-Volvo Hometown Heroes recognizes the lifesaving actions of Broome County highway workers Chris Hand and EJ Folli.

It was an ordinary workday for Chris Hand and EJ Folli, employees of the Broome County Highway Department, when they noticed a woman who
had stopped her car, walking alongside a vehicle that was veering into traffic on Rt. 81-South.

At this point, they could see that the driver of the second vehicle was slumped over the wheel and that the risk of a potential accident was imminent.

Chris and EJ immediately pulled their truck over and sprang into action.

EJ got the woman back into her car, instructed her to pull to the median, and asked her to call 911.

Chris ran alongside the vehicle, opened the driver's side door and steered the vehicle to the right side of the road. EJ opened the vehicle's passenger door, jumped in and slammed it into park with the driver now slumped over the seat.

Once both vehicles were safely out of the road, EJ set up what he called a "war zone" for safety, until emergency services arrived to take the victim
for medical treatment.

Neither Chris nor EJ consider themselves heroes. In their words, "we're just regular guys, doing what we hope someone would do for us."

The American Red Cross presented Chris and EJ with the Workplace Safety Award for their lifesaving actions.