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NYSDOT Region 9 Director Hangs Up Hard Hat, Heads Into Retirement

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After 19 years as the Region 9 Director for the New York State Department of Transportation, Jack Williams is retiring. With a total of 35 years under his belt with the DOT, Williams says he enjoyed his career so much, retirement snuck up on him. 

Leading the DOT through the floods of 2006 and 2011 as well as the March 2017 blizzard, Williams has had a lot of achievements. He says some of the projects he's most proud of were also the largest. That includes the Prospect Mountain project, the 201 bridge and Johnson City round about, and the 434 Greenway. Although there are some regrets at not being able to see some of those projects through to completion, Williams says the process and the work of his crews made the experience.

Of the Prospect Mountain construction, Williams says: "We more or less had to figure out how to go about building it efficiently and effectively before we started putting pen to paper and it was very rewarding and still goes on today. We're building between three and four million dollars worth of work, we're staying on schedule, we're staying within budget. And there's so many things that we've done to try and minimize the impacts to the traveling public. That has been extremely rewarding."

Williams may be hanging up his hard hat, but he doesn't plan on abandoning his love for engineering. The Oneida County native has since made Binghamton his home and wants to stay, mentoring and teaching in the community.

"In my role here as director, I've had a lot of opportunities to mentor," says Williams, "I really am interested in those sort of things and with the university and Broome here, there's opportunities for me to possibly do things like that. High schools... Just turning people on to engineering."

Williams' official last day is on July 26th.