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Chucksters Opens Newest Attraction: Laser Tag

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Chucksters has just opened its newest attraction: an outdoor laser tag arena.

With a ribbon cutting on Tuesday, July 10th, Chucksters opened its outdoor laser tag arena and helds its inaugural game.

With a mile of square unkempt woodland, Chucksters cleared the area of stumps and underbrush. They then added many obstacles to help contestants hide, and many more unseen upgrades.

Randy Stutzman, owner and GM of Chucksters, said “We have 8 surround sound speakers that are placed throughout the woods. The music and sound f/x are played during the game that gives a heart pounding, immersive experience.”

The machines themselves are state-of-the-art laser tag guns and sensors. The entire game is wireless and is controlled by WiFi that is broadcast from the trees themselves.

Stutzman added “Give it a try. Come out. It’s not hard to play. You put on just some simple equipment and it’s basically playing tag but with a whole different experience involved.”

The outdoor laser tag arena is open 7 days a week, from 2PM through 4PM and 6PM through 8PM, with plans to add stadium lights to hold night games.