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Animal Adventure Park expands with Kid friendly Discovery Station

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Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch and Broome County Executive Jason Garnar announced Monday morning that the home of April, Oliver and Taj the giraffes, is expanding.

Aiming to be partially funded by Broome's Small Communities Fund, a few new kid-friendly attractions include the Discovery Station, the Harpursville area's only gem and fossil mining feature, and the Safari Express, a ride along train.

Also constructing a large community event center, Jordan Patch said the new additions cost the park was around $80,000 to expand the already popular park. But with applied funding, Broome could be investing roughly $30,000 to help cover the bill.

"When we started six seasons ago, we had big hopes and big dreams, but to have that come to fruition it's very rewarding," said Jordan Patch.

Over 200,000 people visited Animal Adventure Park in 2017, and now launching an expansion project, Patch said his park will continue to grow. "Trust me, we never stay settled...there's always something being built."

According to Broome Executive Garnar, tomorrow, June 10, 2018, the Broome County Legislature's Finance Committee will vote to approve funding for Animal Adventure Park. And said he's confident that the committee will move forward on helping the park grow.

"Animal Adventure's success will facilitate the residual success and growth for our town, county and beyond," said Jason Garnar.

The new park attractions are currently open to the public.