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Meet Our Furry Faces: Hershey

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Meet this week's local Furry Face.

This week we have Hershey. He's a two-year-old Manx cat who is nothing short of sweet. Whether you want to snuggle or play, he's all for it. this gentle guy is full of love and would be the perfect companion for anyone.

Hershey had a medical emergency a few months ago, and his previous owners could not get him the veterinary care he needed, so they surrendered him to Every Dog's Dream Rescue. After undergoing surgery and getting the medical care he needed, he's now making a full recovery and will be back to his old healthy self soon. He can't wait to share all the love he has to offer with his new family. 

For more information on Hershey, contact Every Dog's Dream Rescue at (607) 242-2346 or visit their website at www.everydogsdream.org.

You can also visit their Facebook page, here.