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A Look Inside July Fest's Artist Community

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The 56th annual July Fest opened to cloudless skies and cooler weather on Saturday with bands, vendors, food and artists. 

Many artists are using the beautiful weather and sunny skies to show off their craft in action, by doing live drawing and paintings along Artist Alley. 

David Baxter, an artist from Castle Creek, sketches with chalk on paper as the crowds walk around him. 

Baxter said his favorite thing about working the festival is the relationship between the different artists. “Comradery between the artists. It’s fun to see the people; we do different circuits throughout the year at different art shows” Baxter said. 

”We’ve come here multiple years. It’s run solidly, there’s a great director of this event. The staff is fantastic” Baxter continued, talking about July Fest directly.

July Fest continues in Downtown Binghamton on Sunday, July 8th from 10AM until 5PM.