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Libertarian Candidate for NY Governor Larry Sharpe Visits Southern Tier

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Larry Sharpe, the Libertarian Party’s candidate for Governor of New York, met with Tioga residents on Friday afternoon at Vibrant Lifestyles Wellness Center in Owego.

Born in Manhattan and raised in New York City, Sharpe is a lifelong New York resident, Marine veteran, entrepreneur, and the Libertarian candidate for Vice President during the 2016 election. 

Large government spending and education reform are important issues that Sharpe addressed with constituents, but he’s most concerned with changing the status quo. 

“The Southern Tier is not New York City and it’s not north country and it’s not Western New York. It’s not Long Island. I do not want anymore for it to be ‘Albany decides what New York State does’ and what that often means is ‘New York City decides what New York State does’.” Sharpe said.

As people began coming in, Sharpe quickly introduced himself to his hopeful voters.

“If I win, fundamental change in the state itself. It will change everything. This will be a state that people want to come back to” Sharpe said. “Our colleges will be better. Our schools will be better. There will be opportunity for small business AND within 4 years we will get rid of the State Income Tax.”

Sharpe is planning on running against Republican candidate Marcus Molinaro in the Republican Primary in September, but says he will run under the Libertarian nomination if his bid fails.