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Hometown Heroes: Kirkwood Firefighter Recognized For His Lifesaving Actions During March '17 Blizzard

It was during the March blizzard of 2017 that Lt. Jonathan Fleming of the Kirkwood Fire Department was headed home from work. As he turned to go up Trim Street, off Route 11 in Kirkwood, he noticed a man trying to shovel out his car.

Always quick to lend a hand, Lt. Fleming stopped to help. Shortly after he began helping, the man collapsed on the road and stopped breathing.

 Lt. Fleming, who had had extensive training in the Boy Scouts, Marines and the Fire Department, quickly jumped in to perform lifesaving CPR, while others called for emergency services.

The heavy snow and deteriorating road conditions hindered the emergency services response time, but Lt. Fleming kept up his vigilant efforts. Finally, Broome Ambulance, paramedics, and sheriff's deputies arrived on the scene and took over with the AED to continue lifesaving efforts.

Not only was Lt. Fleming responsible for his lifesaving CPR efforts, he and 2nd Asst. Chief Mark Andrus were asked to use their vehicles to assist in plowing a path to UHS Wilson Medical Center for the EMS.

The man has made a full recovery and is in good health. If not for Lt. Fleming going above and beyond the call of duty and providing lifesaving skills, the outcome might have been much different.

Because of these actions, Lt. Fleming was the 2018 recipient of the Red Cross Fire Rescue Award.