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Consistency Is The Name Of The Game

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Sports are filled with ups and downs and just like anything else, it's consistency that we strive for. The Rumble Ponies have not been consistent over the last couple of weeks, however, someone like lead-off hitter Levi Michael, has found his consistency. Over the last ten games, the shortstop is hitting a team best .288 and is hitting .342 in the last ten games. 

The twenty-seven year old had an inconsistent start with the Rumble Ponies when he was signed to the New York Mets organization in late March of 2018 after being released from the Minnesota Twins.However, the switch-hitter has been perfecting his craft and over the last couple of years has focused on improving his right on right offense.

"I was a switch-hitter growing up and I've tried to make that adjustment over the past two years and initially there was some growing pains and it took me some time to get used to sliders, right on right" said Michael.

"Reps and gaining some experience and practice is how you get better, eventually it starts to become second nature and you just react accordingly."

"I think more than anything it's just muscle memory, if you're in there every day and seeing pitches and getting at bats, reps.. you just go into auto-pilot and hopefully not think too much and just react" said Michael.