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Hometown Hero: Hotel Worker's Red Cross Training Revives Choking Infant

Amanda Kelly has been a front desk and banquet employee at the Doubletree by Hilton, for the past ten years. Described by her boss as being an excellent communicator, Amanda keeps her composure under pressure and consistently goes out of her way to do kind "little things" for her guests.

One busy weekend, in July 2017, what Amanda found herself doing was anything but "little." 

A guest of the hotel came running up to the front desk with her six-week-old baby. She was in a panic, as her baby was choking and not breathing.

Amanda did not hesitate for one moment. While another employee called 911, Amanda grabbed the baby, turned her upside down, and administered back blows between the shoulder blades.

This Heimlich technique, for babies under one, was part of the Red Cross training that Amanda had taken when she was a babysitter. She later updated the training after she had her own daughter.

Moments later, the baby started crying, which indicated that the airways had been cleared.

"It was the best feeling in the world to hear her cry and to see her breathing normally. I'm so grateful that I had taken the course." — Amanda Kelly, Red Cross 'Good Neighbor Award'

Mother and baby were both checked by doctors at UHS Wilson Medical Center and released. It was definitely divine intervention that Amanda had stayed late that day and possessed the skills to save this little one's life.

In May, the American Red Cross honored Kelly with the 'Good Neighbor Award' which is presented to an ordinary citizen or professional rescuer involved in rescuing a person from a life-threatening situation.