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"Tyler Bashlor has a bright future," Luis Rojas

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Binghamton Rumble Ponies relief pitcher Tyler Bashlor was called up to the show Sunday night. The right-handed pitcher thought he was being promoted to triple-A in Las Vegas but instead received the call from manager Luis Rojas that he was going to be playing at Citi Field as a New York Met, for the first time ever.

"Getting the call on Sunday evening and then calling him, I could hear his emotion, very emotional when he got the news, he was all smiles and couldn't wait to tell his family" said Rumble Ponies manager Luis Rojas.

The Mets needed to bring some life into their bullpen and chose the twenty-five year old who has had a solid season so far with Binghamton. Over 24 innings, he has 30 strikeouts to 12 walks and has given up two home-runs. After the win against Trenton Thunder last night, the Rumble Ponies gathered in the club house to watch Bashlor's debut.

"We got a chance to see a little of his outing last night and we were in there as a family like it was watching one of our siblings perform at a big league level" said Rojas.

Bashlor threw 21 strikes throughout 2 innings, 1 walk and gave up a two-run homer to Pittsburgh Pirate Josh Bell in the 6th inning.

"I thought I saw him breathing well and handling it pretty well... I know he gave up a two-run homer, but I think he handled it pretty well and I think Tyler Bashlor has a bright future" said Rojas.