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Tebow Talks Recent Success at the Plate

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Since Binghamton Rumble Ponies' infielders Jeff McNeil and Peter Alonso were called up to play AAA's Las Vegas 51's, last Saturday, the team has gone 1 for 5 on the road (snapping an 8 game losing streak Thursday evening), allowing a whopping 34 runs.

While over the last five games Rumbletown has racked up 22 runs batted in, losing the bats of McNeil and Alonso can be felt deep in the lineup. Combined, McNeil and Alonso accounted for 95 RBI of Binghamton's 293 total RBI. That's over a third of the Ponies' offense.

But although the team can sense the loss from their infielders' promotions, players like left-fielders Kevin Taylor and Tim Tebow are stepping up and taking the plate. Taylor sported an average of .530, since Saturday, while his teammate Tebow batted .385.

This 'T&T' connection could be the start of new beginnings for Binghamton, but according to Tim Tebow, nothing about his approach to the plate has changed except seeing a more diverse selection of pitches.  

"I'm improving; seeing pitches, leaving some bad pitches, I'm trying to be more direct with the baseball and do more damage with it," said Tim Tebow, Rumble Ponies left-fielder.

Coming into Friday, Kevin Taylor rides a hit streak of 6 games (looking to keep it going against the Hartford Yard Goats) and Tim Tebow has notched 6 runs for his program from Saturday until now, but only time will tell if their recent success will continue.

"Sometimes things happen in baseball, just highs and lows, and sometimes it just doesn't fall your way... We just got to stay focused on the little things and we'll be fine," said Tim Tebow.