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Tobias Rundstrom-Wooding Pleads To Murder, Rape of 11-Year-Old Jacelyn O'Connor

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In Chenango County court on Friday, Tobias Rundstrom-Wooding, one of two men charged in the 2017 murder and rape of 11-year-old Jacelyn O'Connor, accepted a plea deal.

The Chenango County District Attorney's office said Rundstrom-Wooding pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and first-degree rape, avoiding a trial

While prosecutors allege Rundstrom-Wooding and a second man, James Brower, were partners in the crime, authorities say it was Rundstrom-Wooding who carried out O'Connor's murder. An autopsy report shows Jacelyn was raped and smothered to death on July 30, 2017, inside a home in Norwich.

Rundstrom-Wooding will be sentenced on August 13th. 

There is no date for Brower's trial, according to the D.A.'s office.