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The Story Behind Synergy Athletics

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People have to be lucky to find passion in life and like Kobe Bryant once said, "if you're really lucky you find it at an early age." Ten years ago Seton Catholic Central alum Joe Hashey found his passion in health and fitness. Ten years later, he's opened Synergy Athletics in four different local towns such as, Endwell, Vestal, Binghamton and Albany.

Hashey's football journey at Colgate University was cut short due to two knee surgeries and that prompted him to try and understand fitness and technique a little better.

"I think the most difficult challenge from when we started in our garage basement up until now is finding the places to learn from, the first five years I traveled as much as I could to gyms I respected and learned from" said Hashey.

"I saw places online and would really love their training methods and I would just send them an email, from Ohio to New Jersey, down to popular private gyms, I would email them and it was good communities, they would welcome me out and I'd just get in my car and drive."

A car that wasn't the 1969 camaro that him and his father worked on after Hashey graduated college. The camaro was more than just a car, it was what gave Hashey  6,000$ to put towards Synergy Athletics. In fact, it was the only money "we put into Synergy other than the money from the memberships, so we had about  6,000 dollars of equipment, big expensive dumb bells, and other than that just very basic rubber mats and some creative training techniques" said Hashey.

Unfortunately Hashey sold the camaro after his father passed away. His father developed a heart disease and at age 52 developed sleep apnea, where he would fall asleep as simple as watching television and as destructive as while driving. 

"I was passionate about helping athletes but I also lost my father to a preventable accident, he was unhealthy so I became passionate about helping others live a little bit longer and empower their lives through fitness" said Hashey.