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Green Party Candidate Mark Dunlea Announces Run for State Comptroller

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The Green Party candidates for Governor and State Comptroller made a stop in Binghamton Wednesday morning, calling for action on a number of issues.

Candidate for Governor, Howie Hawkins, endorsed Mark Dunlea for State Comptroller, discussing what he calls corruption in the Cuomo administration.

Dunlea centered the press conference around climate change, a major focus of his campaign.

“I think it’s the single greatest threat to humanity at this point, and we’re losing the struggle against climate change. I also want more progressive taxation in New York State, I believe the Comptroller should be standing up. The Governor and the state lawmakers violate the rules every year on how much money goes to our schools, that should be stopped.”

Dunlea said the refusal of the current Comptroller, Thomas De Napoli, to divest the state pension funds from fossil fuels is another main focus of his candidacy.

The Green Party candidate previously served as Executive Director of the Hunger Action Network of New York State.

“I think he has more financial background than De Napoli did when he went in. I think he’s a much better candidate. He’s much more qualified than anybody running.” - Howie Hawkins, Green Party Candidate for Governor

Dunlea will challenge Democrat incumbent De Napoli in the primary.