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Police Investigate Nearly 25 Vacant Home Burglaries across Binghamton

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The Binghamton Police Department is investigating residential burglaries across Binghamton, all involving vacant homes.

BPD said over 25 of these burglaries have occurred in the last few weeks. Police said homes in the South, West, and East sides are being targeted, and have been happening at multiple times throughout the day. 

According to officials, the homes would have reality signs posted on the property or in the yard, and many have had a "FOR SALE" sign. 

Police said some incidents involved forced entry to a back door or window, and when inside the suspects would cut copper plumbing pipes from the residents and then use them to harvest as scrap metals. Officials said these incidents have caused damage to the homes and appliances. 

BPD is working with residents and property owners throughout the investigation. Police have no suspect or vehicle description at this time. 

They are urging residents to report any suspicious activity and to keep an eye out on any properties that may be for sale or unoccupied. You can contact the Binghamton Police Department at (607) 772-7080.