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U-E Cross Country Team Runs for 24 Hours, Raises Thousands for Suicide Prevention

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Runners from the Union-Endicott High School Cross Country team laced up their sneakers for a relay to save lives.

Ten students, whose grades range from freshman to seniors, ran for 24 hours straight starting at 4 p.m. Tuesday and ending at 4 p.m. Wednesday. 

The runners started planning the relay in March.

“It’s gonna be a challenge, running the whole 24 hours. It’s probably gonna be very painful towards the end of it. We’re shooting for somewhere around 150 miles combined. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.” - Dominic Pasquale, U-E High School Senior

The runners wanted the run to benefit a cause, and Pasquale said they went to their Athletic Director, telling him they decided to donate all of the money raised on their GoFundMe to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

As of Wednesday morning, the team raised over $3,500.

“If they have a mental disability or they’re in a bad place, they should get the kind of help they need. I know what we’re raising it can be a small amount but I think that makes a big difference. Any kind of pocket change can make a huge difference to this kind of cause.”

One student ran at a time, with each allowed to check out only at a mile marker. The team aimed to run over 150 miles combined.

The GoFundMe page will close by the end of the week. To donate, click here.