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Animal Adventure Park Celebrates Father's Day With Giraffe Dad Oliver

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Southern Tier dads and families got to spend the day with the area’s most famous dad, Oliver the giraffe.

Animal Adventure Park marked two special events Sunday -- Father’s Day and World Giraffe Day. The day to honor the world’s tallest animal is actually June 21st, but AAP decided to celebrate a little early this year. 

Allysa Swilley, Zoologist at Animal Adventure Park said "Today we not only celebrate Fathers Day but we also celebrate World Giraffe Day which is technically June 21st  but we like to pair the two together to get our Dads here, get our giraffes involved and it's a nice big Sunday for us at Animal Adventure."

Zoo-goers got to take park in giraffe crafts, staff-hosted educational talks and a glimpse inside the famous giraffe barn.

Oliver, April and Tajiri were treated to a special meal. Two-legged dads weren’t overlooked, either.

The park gave free lunch to the first 50 fathers.