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PSC Fines Charter $2 Million For Slow Network Expansion

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The New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) hit Spectrum Cable with another fine for not expanding its network, a condition of the 2016 merger approval.

“Our investigation shows that Charter failed to meet its obligations to expand the reach of its network to unserved and underserved customers at the required pace and that it failed to justify why it wasn’t able to meet its obligations," said  Commission Chair John B. Rhodes.

In January, Charter filed a report that it added 42,889 new addresses and met the 145,000 build-out number.

But officials later ruled Charter missed the target after a PSC audit determined 14,522 addressed should be disqualified.  

The PSC is also demanding that Charter "unconditionally" accept the terms of the 2016 order, which authorized the merger with Time Warner Cable. 

This is a response to a May 2018 correspondence from Charter claiming it was not bound to the terms of the approval order.