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Maine-Endwell Softball Celebrates State Title

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This past weekend Maine-Endwell softball won their third consecutive state title with an 8-0 victory over Iroquois. So, today they celebrated their success with a victory parade, starting at the Endwell fire department and ending at Maine-Endwell school.

Senior and captain Emily Hess led the way for Maine-Endwell today as they were escorted by police and the fire department in their victory parade. Now, although this years Spartans team was filled with a young cast, Emily Hess is not one of those young players and is in fact ending her journey here as a Maine-Endwell softball player. But, she'll take the values she learned here with her on her next journey as a division I softball player at the Florida Gulf Coast University.

"Maine-Endwell softball taught me how to work hard and play as a teammate, you really need to be close to your teammates to really have success" said Hess.

And on the other side of things, is the Spartans head coach Joe Mancinelli who is extremely grateful for this year's team and the success they were able to have with him in his first year of coaching the Spartans. 

"We weren't sure being as young as we were if we were going to be able to make it up there but we just got better and better" said Mancinelli.

Mancinelli also stated, "It's just so special, the community gets behind the softball team here and supports them 100 percent."