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Diversity and What it Means to the Binghamton Pride Coalition

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Diversity is an aspect that should be embraced according to the Binghamton Pride Coalition.

This year's event took place at the Temple Concord Reform. The event which has been going on for decades hopes that diversity can be addressed in a way that can help bring the community closer.

"To acknowledge the fact that you don't have to be faithful or LGBT. There is no us and them, we're all one together and there is no difference," said an organizer at the event, Carol Gallagher.

Each year the event takes place at a different venue. Why? The Binghamton Pride Coalition believes that having the event take place in a different location emphasis the importance of diversity. Anyone from any background is able to take part in the service.

Events include music, food, and speeches from all sorts of individuals including religious leaders and those who are part of or allied to the LGBT Community.

To learn more visit their website.