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Community Celebrates ME Softball Championship With Victory Parade

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Celebrating yet another championship title, a victory parade was held early Wednesday evening for the Maine-Endwell High School’s softball team.
Dozens from the community filled the sidewalks of Hooper Road to celebrate the team’s third consecutive state championship title, after winning the Class A final 8 - 0 over Iroquois on Sunday.

Other students came to support the girls and show their excitement over the win.

“Its really cool because it’s Maine-Endwell and it’s a girl sports,” said Kayla Catalda, a student at Maine-Endwell.

“It shows that we can like do as much as the guys can do,” said Natalya Mister, a student a Maine-Endwell.  “I’m just really proud of them, that they did that. It’s just really cool.”

The parade began at 630, starting from the Endwell Fire Station. The girls waved to cheering fans and threw candy as they walked down Hooper Road to the school.