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It's A Work In Progress For Tim Tebow

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Tim Tebow isn't even half way into his season as a Rumble Pony, but of course the constant question for these minor league players is, when are they going to make it to the big show? The major leagues.

So, for the thirty-year old how is he trying to improve his game?

"For me it's not really worrying about anything else just my day to day preparation and improvement" said Tim Tebow.

"Luis Rojas will go about every two and a half weeks and look at it, we'll set different dates so you don't look at everything as a whole, you look at where you were in the beginning and every few weeks" said Tebow.

Tebow is batting a .241 in 166 at bats for the Rumble Ponies and has struck out 73 times, which is the second most in the Eastern League.