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All Saints Place 2nd At World Championships For Odyssey Of The Mind

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The All Saints Odyssey of the Mind team brought home 2nd place from World Championships. The team of 7-11 year olds raised the money themselves to head out to Iowa to compete against teams from around the globe.

OM is a problem solving program that assigns kids a set of circumstances and requirements to build a skit around. The All Saints winning skit was set in an outer-space Starbucks called "Starbreak." Named that because it's a talent venue where the stars get their "break."

These students say the experience would have been enough and they weren't expecting to come home with a trophy.

"We didn't think our name would be called," says 7 year old Olivia O'Brien.

"We were going up against 72 different teams from around the world," adds 10 year old Lincoln Patterson.

When the team went to Worlds two years ago, they were ranked 20th. The goal this year was to beat that, and they certainly did.