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Dual Primary For The First Time In 14 Years In Town of Union?

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Five Town of Union residents have stepped up announcing their run for town supervisor. That's three republicans and two democrats. Depending on how many signatures each collects, there could be a dual primary in the Town of Union this September. It would be the first one for a supervisor race in all of Broome County in 14 years, according the Board of Elections.

The last dual primary was, coincidentally, for the Town of Union supervisor race in 2004. Also, bringing things full circle, two of this year's candidates were also on the primary ballot in that 2004 election; Frank Palmisano and Kenneth Del Bianco.

Below is the breakdown of which candidates have announced their intent to run in the supervisor race.


  • Frank Bertoni
  • Kenneth Del Bianco
  • Dennis Ede


  • Frank Palmisano
  • Rick Materese

This election follows a two year long legal battle inside the town office building. Current supervisor Rose Sotak was accused of harassing employees and abuse of power in a 2017 lawsuit. That was later dismissed by a Broome County Court judge. Most recently, Sotak has now filed a lawsuit against current and former board members, including Bertoni, alleging disrcimination and defamation after that 2017 suit.

All the candidates who have announced this year say it's time for a change in leadership. Sotak announced she would not be seeking re-election at the end of May.