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Rick Materese Announces Run For Town Of Union Supervisor

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Another Town of Union resident has stepped forward and put their name in the running for supervisor. Rick Materese, retired Union-Endicott school teacher and former director of the Boys and Girls Club announced he is running for the position. 

"I've grown up in this community, I love this community and I just decided maybe it's time to mix things up with the town. The same group has been here for while," says Materese.

The democrat says he wants to focus on making the town more appealing. That means cleaning up the appearance.

"I look at the Parks Department and when I look around we have stuff like tall grass growing up in places and when people drive into town, this is what they see. They're not looking at the taxes, they're seeing what the place looks like," says Materese.

He says looking into shared services could fix those problems and also save the town money. Materese also wants to focus on solutions for the Oakdale Mall, with sales tax revenue being vital to keep residents' taxes down.

Materese is one of two democrats who have entered the race. If both collect enough signatures, Materese and Frank Palmisano will face off in a primary. Three republicans, Frank Bertoni, Kenneth Del Bianco, and Dennis Ede, have also announced they're running, so there is a possibility of a dual primary in the Town of Union this September.