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Ellis Brothers Furniture Opens New, Bigger Showroom In Binghamton

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Ellis Brothers Furniture, one of Binghamton's oldest retailers, has opened up the doors of its new location on Court Street. The business was started in 1900 with the original location on Washington and Water Streets. 

"We worked there as children with our father," says Richard Ellis, "It's hard to let go of."

Now, the third generation of Ellis's are heading into a new chapter. The business is staying in downtown Binghamton, but moving to a larger location around the corner from that Washington Street store which will be sold. 

The new showroom at 46 Court Street is four stories and 45,000 square feet. That's twice the size of the old buildings. 

While still in the process of moving merchandise between locations and setting up displays, the new store is open for business. Ellis says everything should be completely in place by next week.

"I think they'll be able to see the value of what they're looking at," says Ellis, referring to the difference customers will see when they enter the new showroom, "We're setting everything up in vignettes, so they'll actually see settings like they would in their home."

Ellis says it took a little longer for them to finish renovations and get the store open, but they're excited to finally welcome in customers to the new location.