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Maines Family Donates SUV to Truth Pharm

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Thanks to a generous donation, Truth Pharm Rainmakers now have a brand new ride to continue their work in the community of raising awareness and destigmatizing substance abuse.

Bill and Tracy Maines from Maines Food donated a 2011 Toyota Highlander to Truth Pharm after hearing they were in need of a vehicle. The SUV will make their drives to and from Albany and across the Southern Tier easier, so that they can educate the public and advocate for policy change.

“This year already we’ve spent about $1,500 in vehicle rentals to get to Albany for our advocacy trips, so as a small, non-profit organization, just to take the trips that we need to take it’s very expensive. Now, we don’t have to rent vehicles to take those trips.” - Alexis Pleus, Executive Director of Truth Pharm

The photographs of loved ones who lost their fight with addiction are memorialized on the SUV, along with those who are in recovery.

“It shows that just when you’re ready to give up on humanity, somebody amazing comes forward in the community and does something like this. Children are going to be on this and people are just seeing that they’re making a difference is just amazing. None of this would be possible without Bill and Tracy Maines.” - Mirella Masciarelli, Truth Pharm Rainmaker

Truth Pharm made the announcement on their Facebook page Sunday, and have received an abundance of support.

“Just the outpouring of support from the community, saying that they’re so grateful to see Truth Pharm be given something like this, that means the world to me. That the community knows what we’re doing and that they appreciate that we have our needs met so that we can continue meeting the needs of the community.” - Alexis Pleus, Executive Director of Truth Pharm

Before the donation from the Maines’, the organization raised $12,000 to get themselves a new vehicle. That money will now be used for gas and maintenance on the Highlander.

To donate to the fund, click here.