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Binghamton Sixth Graders Take Part in Re-Imagine Project

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What is Binghamton lacking according to a group of middle school students? Sixth graders at East Middle School had the opportunity to present their ideas on how to better the community as part of the school's Challenge Enrichment Program.

Through the program the students are asked to come up with ideas and present them to representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, The Agency,  and the mayor's office.  

Samuel Armand, a student who took part in the program believes that the community is lacking a place for adults who wish to further their education.

Another student, Jamacia Suggs, presented that flowers within city parks will help make the city become more beautiful to the eye. 

Other students ideas included energy efficient devices, solar panel houses, smart technologies being placed within city streets such as "smart lamps," dog parks, and vending machines for the homeless .

Challenge Enrichment Teacher Kim Sanford is determined that the sixth grade students can make an impression on the local leaders. Sanford says "We hope its going to be a big impact, we're getting a little more involved in trying to get kids to present their ideas to the city. I know this year we had 8th grade students who wrote letters to the mayors office about a refurbishing park and that's going to happen."

The presentations were concluded with a Q and A session that helped local leaders get a better idea on the students projects, and how they can be implemented within Binghamton.